Tap Room / Tasting Room

Gallaghers’ tasting room is open 6 days a week and serves 8 rotating taps of fresh delicious beer!
We keep things lively by introducing a few new brews on tap every Friday for you to try.

beer-116oz Pints $5.00.      MugAni  *20oz Gallagher’s Mugs for Mug Club Members only – $5.00

Flight of Beer: $12.00 for 7 Samples Tap Beers. We offer GROWLERS “TO-GO” as well as refills. Prices for fill-ups are $12.25 per 1/2 gallon. Our selection is ever changing so stop by often. We carry our flagship styles and always new and evolving brews. Come on down and enjoy our 3 televisions and share a pint with a friend.

3 big screen TV’s for Sports or movies while brewing or just hanging out in the Tasting Room.  Great game day gatherings (great time to brew or bottle while enjoying great beer with like-minded friends.
There is always a variety of music piped into the Brewery; table games, cards, trivia, movie nights, You can always find something fun happening in the Tasting Room. This thirsty environment may make you hungry: Food delivery is available from various local restaurants & pizza houses – Menus at the brewery.

Mug Club

The “Gallaghers’ Mug Club” is a community of Gallaghers’ brewing and beer drinking groupies.
Membership gets Discounted brewing privileges, use of a special 20oz Gallagher’s gangsmglass mug and special edition apparel.
The Mug Club concept has grown to include annual events, exclusive beer releases, Fresh Hops, and many other
surprises all year long.

Perks of the Gallaghers’ Mug Club:

1. DISCOUNTED BREWING: Save $10 on every full batch brew you do.

2. Our annual special edition Mug Club T-Shirt

3. MugAniA 20oz custom Gallaghers’ mug hung under your name tag in the brewery (filled for the price of a regular 16oz glass all year)

4. The Mug Club Newsletter keeping you apprised of happenings, new recipes, stories and fun.

5. A personal Invitation to all Mug Club events, opportunities and gatherings, Brew Off Challenges, Movie Nights, Gaming Nights, etc.

6. The annual Brewers Appreciation Party (late February), with a huge pot-luck, door prizes, giveaways, music, and entertainment. Super fun party – don’t miss it.

Best of all, is the easy going fun with other Mug Club members. Making new friends that share the passion of beer has never been easier!
The Mug Club has evolved into a cool social phenomena with a nice rotation of members visiting the brewery. Probably the most cherished thing about the Mug Club is using one of the special 20oz Gallaghers’ Mugs hung from your nameplate on the on the Mug Club showcase wall. Mug Clubbers pay the same price as a 16oz beer but get a filled to the rim 20oz mug of delicious beer.  With the brewing discounts and the Tap discounts; your membership fee of $50 will pay for itself in no time!

Originally started by an avid brewer the Mug Club is a awesome way to get closer to the Gallaghers’ family of brewers. There has never been a better time to join than now with our Mug Club exclusive Friday beer releases. “Clubbers” also get access to our fresh hop brews and Mug Club events including our annual Brewers Appreciation Party.